Bitcoin Revolution Trading Platform Review 2020 – Is it reliable?


The leading automated trading software that helps in trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is the Bitcoin Revolution was designed by a team of cryptocurrency traders. Also, it is called a smart trading system which leverages on short-sellers in the digital currency market to ascertain secure profitable transactions for the traders. Bitcoin Revolution platform has devised an award-winning technology, and through this innovation, it brings profits to the users. Further, the Bitcoin Revolution app has received several awards. This platform is considered as a pioneer in the trading software category by the UK trading association. Bitcoin Revolution claims that its software is 0.01 seconds ahead of the trading markets.

Bitcoin Revolution Trading Platform Review – About the Platform
Bitcoin Revolution Trading Platform Review – About the Platform

What is Bitcoin Revolution?

Bitcoin Revolution is described as an automatic trading software that enables the trader to trade on cryptocurrencies to make profits. This is achieved by using smart and intelligent robots to generate trading signals to place the trades on the user’s behalf. By doing this, it allows the software to maximize the profits and helps them to make thousands of dollars as profits daily. Bitcoin Revolution is 0.1 seconds ahead of the market when it comes to Bitcoin trading.

As per our Bitcoin Revolution review, this platform analyses the market and executes the trades split second faster while trading. This permits the robot to be aware of the market movement before the actual trading happens. This is considered as one of the key factors to make a profit from trading activities.

Bitcoin Revolution allegedly claims that the platform was designed with a unique algorithm, which can adequately forecast and work on the market signals. As per our review, this software executes the trade immediately, which means the traders will not be able to lose trading opportunities when they occur, and they need not sit in front of the PC while waiting for the trades to happen.

About Bitcoin Revolution

Bitcoin Revolution was established in the year 2018 by a group of reputable brokers and claims that this platform is a split second advanced when compared to other automated platforms that are available in the cryptocurrency market. The creators of the Bitcoin Revolution are very skilled and knowledgeable in trading cryptocurrencies, and as a result, they have created a platform where the new traders can use it. In due course of time, the Bitcoin Revolution had become one of the leading and most popular automated trading robots, mainly for Bitcoin trading, where beginners and experienced traders can use it.

Bitcoin Revolution Reviews – Trading Platform
Bitcoin Revolution Reviews – Trading Platform

Let us see a few Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Revolution–

User-Friendly InterfaceNo Mobile app
Offers Demo Account for its users
Free registration on its platform
Bitcoin Revolution offers Dedicated customer service
This platform has a high success rate
Fast and easy deposits and withdrawals


Bitcoin Revolution offers several unique features for its traders. Some of them are described below –

Verification system

Bitcoin Revolution offers a verification system that is simple and fast. This Bitcoin Revolution platform is designed in such a way that it checks for the information that is provided by the investors while creating a new account. Moreover, the verification system of this software is seamless and easy.


Withdrawals offered by the Bitcoin Revolution system are very fast and easy; the platform has been created in such a way that there is a separate panel to handle withdrawals. The trader’s request is processed in less than 24 hours.

Cryptocurrency Trading

One of the most incredible features offered by the Bitcoin Revolution platform is it offers several cryptocurrencies for trading. The trader has a choice to choose from various cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, and several others to trade in the Bitcoin Revolution platform. The trader can set up the trading pairs which are suitable according to them, and they need to set the number of trades that are to be executed simultaneously. When all the conditions are set, the next step would be to click on the auto trade button and leave the rest of it to the robot.


As per our Bitcoin Revolution review, this platform does not charge for opening an account. Moreover, there are no commissions or hidden charges on the Bitcoin Revolution. This platform only charges one percent of the earnings made by the trader, which is used to maintain the features and the platform.


One of the key features offered by the Bitcoin Revolution is the payout, which is essential for the success of traders who are trading on this platform. As per our review, the users can withdraw their earnings anytime by using the Bitcoin Revolution. Both new and experienced traders can have the opportunity to trade and make profits by trading on cryptocurrencies. The payout system offered by the platform is great, and it also delivers consistent profits to the traders when they trade, if the strategies set by the trader are right.

Auto trading

One of the most advantageous features of the Bitcoin Revolution is auto trading. Automatically this software generates highly profitable trade signals, and it also opens and closes the positions on behalf of the traders. Even though the trader can make money by trading on this platform they don’t need to sit in front of the system every time. They only need 20 minutes daily to set up the required trading parameters.


The user reviews and testimonials offered on the website of the Bitcoin Revolution show its success as an automated trading platform. The users are very positive, and several reviews on the site are good. New users can read the reviews and testimonials of this platform before signing up with the Bitcoin Revolution. Moreover, there were rumors in Social media that the Bitcoin Revolution is a scam and not legit, but there is no evidence to prove this claim.

Customer Service

Bitcoin Revolution offers a dedicated customer service team. Their representatives are available 24×7 for complaints and inquiries. Since they are available round the clock, it helps their customers from different parts of the world with different time zones to solve their issues immediately. Moreover, the time taken for response is very quick and the service team has an exhaustive knowledge of the cryptocurrency market to help the traders.

Comparison between Bitcoin Revolution with Other Robots-

Bitcoin RevolutionOther Robots
Bitcoin Revolution platform offers Demo account for its usersFew platforms do not offer this feature and force the traders to proceed with a live account
Have higher success ratesFew of the platforms are scam and does not perform successful trades
Minimum deposit amount is $250Several robots ask their traders to invest a larger amount of money
Registration on this platform is simple and easyFew of them ask the traders to fill out many forms and are not user-friendly

Why Trade with Bitcoin Revolution?

Few automated platforms offer the traders to earn more profits, one such platform is Bitcoin Revolution. This implies that it trades on the cryptocurrency market by buying low and selling at high prices; these are called as profitable trades which can be easily identified and traded by the auto trading bots.

As per our Bitcoin Revolution review, its algorithm executes the trades with an accuracy of 99.4%. This is a highly accurate result that earns high-profit margins for the traders, and it also minimizes the risks.

Before executing the trades, Bitcoin Revolution software carries out an exhaustive database analysis, which is very important when the prices fluctuate every day. This is one of the reasons that the trades executed by this platform ends up in high profit.

Bitcoin Revolution Review –  Why trade on this Platform?
Bitcoin Revolution Review – Why trade on this Platform?


Below given are few benefits offered by this platform –

One of the key features offered by Bitcoin Revolution is high payouts. It reports that the traders who trade on this platform can make $1300 daily. As a beginner, this amount might not be reached, yet after regular trading, the traders can make money easily.

Bitcoin Revolution platform has the highest success rate when compared to other automated robots that are available in the market. This is because of the complex algorithm, which is 01 seconds ahead than the actual cryptocurrency market rates while executing the deals.

One of the major benefits offered by Bitcoin Revolution is it offers a demo account for its traders before they start with live trading. This is because new traders do not have any idea of purchasing or selling cryptocurrencies on the automated platform. By using this, huge losses can be avoided, and there is also an option for the trader to learn the whole process of trading through this demo mode. This helps them to gain practical experience before they start with live trading by using actual funds.

How does Bitcoin Revolution work?

Bitcoin Revolution’s system targets the trades which are offered by short sellers on the crypto market. The robots work faster to detect the profitable trading opportunities that involve purchasing the cryptocurrencies at a very low price and selling the cryptos when the price increases. Bitcoin Revolution bot was developed by using complicated algorithms that are based on artificial intelligence which helps the robot to execute the trades 01 seconds ahead of the market. However, this is a new concept which is most successful presently, when compared to the trades done manually.

Bitcoin Revolution Reviews –  How it works?
Bitcoin Revolution Reviews – How it works?


Some of the advantages offered by the Bitcoin Revolution are unique, some of the features will help the traders to take advantage of the leverage, and they can make profits by trading cryptocurrencies. Below given are the few advantages of this platform –

Easy Setup

Bitcoin Revolution is very user friendly, and its response to the trader request is very fast. This implies that the traders can open an account very easily, and they can set up the parameters as per their strategies. Moreover, the platform is easy to navigate and can be used by new and experienced traders.

Higher success rate

Bitcoin Revolution offers a success rate of 95% depending on the trades, which is impressive. With an Investment amount of $250, the traders can start trading with a minimum investment of $25 per trade based on the broker the trader partners with.

Demo account

The demo account offered by Bitcoin Revolution is considered as one of the advantageous features for the trader. It allows the traders to test their strategies, and it helps them to familiarize themselves with the platform before proceeding with live trading. Further, there are no restrictions and the time limit to use this account. The trader should make use of this account before proceeding with the live trading by using real funds.

Customer support

The Bitcoin Revolution offers dedicated customer support for its traders. The representatives are there to help the traders to resolve issues irrespective of the time zone and region they reside. Moreover, customer service can be contacted through email, and they are also available through live chat.

Smart Algorithms

Bitcoin Revolution is designed by keeping new and experienced traders in mind. It is based on a complex algorithm that performs several interesting functions for the benefit of the traders when they are dealing with cryptocurrency trading. Meanwhile, it offers a user-friendly interface where the new traders can learn about the platform, Bitcoin, and cryptocurrency trading. Further, registering and configuring the account takes less than 30 minutes. Once it is set, it is taken over by the robot and it executes the trades on behalf of the traders.

Creating an Account

One of the beneficial features offered by Bitcoin Revolution is it offers the software free for the traders. This is because the creators of the platform make money by the volume of the trades executed when compared to the subscription model. Traders need to deposit the minimum initial amount with the broker who is connected with the platform, set up the trade settings, and click on the auto-trade button. The entire process takes just 20 minutes daily and the trader is no longer required to sit in front of the system.

Some of the steps are discussed below on how to create an account with Bitcoin Revolution –

The first step would be to register and create an account on the Bitcoin Revolution platform.

The second step would be to add a minimum investment as deposit with the partner broker given in the list.

The third step would be to set up the trade settings and click on the auto trade button.

The last step would be to monitor the performance of the trades. Since the markets are prone to volatility, we highly recommend the traders, to begin with, a minimum investment of 250 dollars to proceed with the live trading.

Is Bitcoin Revolution Con?

Several people might think that the Bitcoin Revolution scam and not a legit platform. As per reviews about the platform, the platform is authentic and can be considered as legitimate software. The platform works well with new and experienced traders in various markets and also who wish to trade using cryptocurrencies.

As per our Bitcoin Revolution review, the platform is easy to use, and its several other features offer the traders to earn passive online income without quitting their regular job.

Even though few people consider the Bitcoin Revolution scam, there is no substantial evidence to prove this claim. This platform offers transparency in all its operations, which includes fees, trades, and functionalities.

This platform offers several payment options like debit or credit card, MasterCard, Visa, and several other payment options for the benefit of the trader.

Additionally, the traders, along with Bitcoin can trade on other leading cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, ripple, and several other pairs. The users can have access to an extensive range of assets of their choice, and they can start trading.

Opening an Account

Opening an account in this platform is very easy and involves a few steps that are given below –


The first step is the registration process. The registration process involves filling out a form given on the website homepage. The trader needs to fill in the personal details like full name, email address, phone number, password, and country of residence. After filling in all the details, a verification link will be sent to the email address and to the phone number for verification. When it is done, an account with Bitcoin Revolution will be opened, and this process takes less than 3 minutes. After adding minimum investment as a deposit, the trader can start the process.

Demo Account

After the registration process, the traders are provided with a demo account. It is highly recommended that the trader first uses demo trading to start trading before they proceed with adding real money. This account can be accessed by the traders free of cost, and it helps the trader to understand the automated system, and the traders can test their strategies by using the demo account. The trader can easily understand the working of the system, and using this account; they can make better trading choices.

Depositing Funds

The next step could be to add a minimum investment as a deposit in their trading account. Further, the Bitcoin Revolution offers several payment options such as debit or credit card, MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, Payoneer, and several other options. By offering these payment options, it helps the traders from different parts of the world to deposit their funds and use the platform without any hassle. The minimum amount is $250, yet the trader can deposit more if they are confident that their strategies would bring them more profits.

Live Account

After adding the minimum amount of money in the trading account and trying out the demo account, the trader can proceed with activating their live trading. They can also trade on cryptocurrencies. The trader needs to give instructions such as the trade amount to be used for each trade, stop loss, and take profit and their trading strategies. When the trading parameters are set, the robots will proceed and place the trades on behalf of the traders to make profits.

Trading Cryptocurrencies

Even though Bitcoin Revolution software is mainly created for trading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, it also supports several other cryptocurrencies like Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, etc. Several cryptocurrency options offered by the trading platform permits the users to select from several choices of trading pairs that are available for the traders. Moreover, the trader can trade any of the popular cryptocurrencies against fiat currencies such as US dollars and the Euro. When the trader selects a trading pair, they should set the limit value for every transaction and the parameters. The next step would be to click on the auto trading button where the robot takes over and executes the trades.

Tips for Beginners

Bitcoin Revolution platform offers its traders a few tips for the beginners. Some of them are discussed below –


Bitcoin Revolution platform offers more functionalities on the platform so that the trader can trade on the platform hassle-free. We advise the trader to do their research and learn more about trading from the professionals who are already making more profitable trades. Also, they should research the market conditions before proceeding with the trades. The research will be very helpful for the traders when they are setting their trading parameters.

Minimum Investments

It is advisable to start with a minimum deposit amount of 250 dollars initially. When the trader starts trading, and after making a considerable amount as profits, they can withdraw their profit and re-invest the capital once again. Moreover, starting with the minimum investment will help the traders to understand the system better, and as they grow, they can make more sensible decisions on trading.

Do not invest a huge amount

The traders are advised not to invest a huge amount and incur losses later because of the fluctuations in the market. Moreover, because of the volatility of the cryptocurrency market, everything can change within seconds or minutes, and it is best to invest what the trader can afford to lose.


Even though it is a good idea to start with a small investment, the trader can grow when they invest their earnings from the initial stage. Further, the trader can withdraw their earnings and reinvest a few of them in trading. In this way, the trading capital would increase, and the trader can make more money by using the Bitcoin Revolution.

Mobile App

Bitcoin Revolution platform does not offer a mobile app for the trader. They can easily access the platform and they can use the software through any browser, be it on a mobile device or a computer.

Customer support

By offering dedicated customer support, the Bitcoin Revolution platform offers traders a hassle-free trading experience. Moreover, customer support is available 24×7, and the customer support representatives respond to any queries in less than 24 hours. Further, the live chat option is also offered by the support team. Bitcoin Revolution customer support is very professional and friendly and helps the traders round the clock.

Wrap up

As per our Bitcoin Revolution review, we can confirm that this platform is a legitimate one and not a scam. Moreover, it is an auto trading tool that helps traders to trade on this platform and to make huge profits by trading cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin Revolution has a higher success rate which means it can offer a passive online income even though the trader needs not quit their regular job. Bitcoin Revolution platform is suitable for both new and experienced traders; it also offers several unique features and helps the traders to reduce the risk that is present in the cryptocurrency sector while the automated trading robot provides several functionalities to make more profits for the trader.


What is Bitcoin Revolution?

Bitcoin Revolution is an automated trading robot that was established in the year 2017 by a team of brokers who are well versed in cryptocurrency trading with the guarantee of providing trade signals 0 01 seconds ahead of any other trading software.

Why does the Bitcoin Revolution have a high success rate?

As per our Bitcoin Revolution review, the trading robot works faster and secures most of the best deals from the market. Moreover, the system is designed with complex algorithms that increase the profit earning opportunities, which automatically leads to higher win rates.

Is the Bitcoin Revolution legit?

Few people think that the Bitcoin Revolution scam and not a legitimate one; yet there is no evidence to prove the Bitcoin Revolution is a scam. The software is well designed and working well, where several traders use the software to make profitable trades with this automated platform.

How do I join the Bitcoin Revolution?

Joining a Bitcoin Revolution platform is very simple and easy, which includes opening an account. The first step is to register and to verify. When it is verified, and the registration process is complete, the next step would be to use a demo account to practice trading. The third step would be to add a minimum deposit of $250, and the last step is to start with live trading using real funds.

How does Bitcoin work in South Africa?

In South Africa, Bitcoin can be purchased and sold using a reputable Bitcoin exchange. Moreover, Bitcoin exchanges can be accessed via a personal computer or a smartphone by using their mobile app. When the signup process on the Bitcoin exchange is done and verified, the trader needs to obtain a Bitcoin wallet for their Bitcoin transactions.

Can You Make Money with Bitcoin Revolution?

As per our Bitcoin Revolution Review, this platform is one of the leading and popular automated trading platforms that are available in the market currently. By trading in this platform by using Bitcoin, several people have made more profits and have become billionaires in due course of time.

Is Bitcoin a Con?

Bitcoin can be explained as a Digital currency or Cryptocurrency which is controlled by a decentralized network and does not come under the regulation of national governments or central banking authorities. However, there are hundreds of cryptocurrencies currently in use today, and Bitcoin is considered as one of the leading and popularly used cryptocurrency.

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